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I'm a Postdoc at the CoAStaL NLP group, University of Copenhagen, working with Anders Søgaard.

My research focuses on automatic text simplification. In particular, I investigate how texts can be adapted to match the needs of specific readers. Other research interests include dialog systems, machine learning (in particular, multitask learning), using cognitive data to improve NLP systems, and corpus linguistics.

I also did my PhD at CoAStaL, advised by Anders. Before coming to Copenhagen, I spent great years at the Institute for Computational Linguistics in Heidelberg, at Uppsala University, and at the Institute for the German Language (IDS Mannheim).

For more info, see my CV.

Joachim Bingel

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Two articles about my work have been published by Nota (in Danish).

Tekstprogram skal gøre læsning nemmere
Med læsningen som adgang til samfundet

// publications


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— 2015

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// miscellaneous

Time for some linguistic nerdity. I pronounce my first name [ˌjoˈaxɪm] (note the main stress is on the second syllable, which consists only of /a/). For non-German speakers though, I understand this will be difficult, and I tend to introduce myself (and accept varieties) depending on the sociolinguistic situation around me, e.g. English ([ˈdʒəʊ.əkɪm]), Danish ([ˈjoækimˀ]), Swedish ([ˈjuːakɪm])... The last name is ['bɪŋl̩] (the 'ng' as in strong).